Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)

Quickly assess and act on the biggest risks facing your organization with a connected view of risks and controls using our Enterprise Risk Management solution. Easily identify, monitor, and manage risks across your organization and communicate a holistic view of risks.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Make better decisions based on facts. Get view of risk across your enterprise and operations with real-time, interactive dashboards that let you proactively and accurately identify, assess, monitor and respond.

Enable a systematic and automated approach to the sound risk management environment using standardised risk and control taxonomies.

Enhance stakeholders to effectively coordinate and unify risk management activities across all business functions by developing dynamic Key Risk Indicators linked to your Risk Appetite Statements and integrate them into real time reporting.

WiseBOS ERM solution provides real time monitoring and reporting of your risk exposure by using real time control monitoring and dynamic residual risk scoring, that allow you to score risks using both qualitative or quantitative methods.


Internal Audit

Enhance compliance with regulatory and corporate objectives.
Eliminate manual processes and gain comprehensive, real-time visibility into audit findings as well as audit programs, issues and trends.

Comprehensive view of whole audit lifecycle from Audit Universe to Follow-Up plans

Dynamic creation of Audit Universe with dynamic risk assessment capabilities

Flexible workflow of Audit Findings with criticality assessment functionality

Powerful and customizable reports delivered in real-time

Link with risk register including compliance, ICT and security risk register

Advanced Regulatory Compliance Management

Manage compliance assessment programs effectively to ensure that controls and related activities are designed to meet regulatory requirements so you can confidently assure your board and regulators of your proactive approach to regulatory changes.

Integrated automated Regulatory requirements management solution that enables the organisations to receive the automated alerts on latest updates in regulations and other published information by selected regulative bodies

Enhanced compliance management solution with integrated regulatory compliance tasks and controls and communication tool

Establish efficient and automated workflows and real time follow up plans throughout business lines and organization

Systematic and automated approach to the sound Compliance review management Efficient and automated workflows with findings and communication with other department and units of the organisation

Enhanced Compliance risk management solution with compliance risk incidents registration and management option, including the recording of financial losses, link to direct and related risks

Enhanced and configurable Key Risk Indicators (linked to your Risk Appetite Statements (and integrated into real time widgets and reporting

Link with Risk Register


Policies & Controls Management

Centralized Policy & Internal Control Management

Structured Workflows for Identification, Assessment & Monitoring of Control Activities

Overall Enterprise Controls Assessment in Accordance with the COSO 17 Principles

Compliance Risk Management

Compliance Risk Registry

Compliance Assessments & Reports

Compliance Risk Assessment


Third Party (Vendors) Risk Management

Centralized Process for Managing Vendor’s Portfolios

Assessing Vendor Risk and Tiering (Third Party) Risk Management

Avoid Unacceptable Potential for Business Disruption or Negative Impact on Business Performance

Information Security Risk Management

Prebuilt risk assessments for IT

Prebuilt threat assessment methodology

Incidents Management

IT Controls Assurance

Cyber Incident & Breach Response

IT and security policy program management

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