Digital ID

eIDAS defined the digital identification & the trust services for the electronic transactions (electronic signature, digital identity…) since 2014.

Two factor authentication concept illustration

Benefits & Usage


1. Single Electronic Identification (eID)

Uniformization of centralized single digital ID instead of utilizing multiple ID types ( such as passport, driver’s license etc) as form of personal identification.

Value Added Services such as access to Open Banking APIs or Legal Archiving.

Connect with different ID schemes to perform SCA for identity verification.

2. Interoperability of eID

By using government-based public servers (eIDAS nodes) to support intercountry functionality.

A gateway for Attribute Providers and Trusted Services Providers to leverage the Wallets and extend their reach.

Government-issued eID through specific country requirements.

3. Scale of use

Improve the reach of online services and increase transactions in both the public and private sectors.

Benefits for public & private eService providers: it helps to streamline the onboarding process of new customers.

Reliable and up-to-date user information shared by the Identity Provider entity.

The whole financial industry will benefit from significant cost saving resulting from shifting way from physical infrastructure.

Value Added Services such as access to Open Banking APIs or Legal Archiving.

4. Secure Authentication

Software platform supports strong and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enable the Identity Provider to secure access, identities between citizens and online public and private service providers. Authentication factors may include:

Knowledge Based (PIN or other memorized identifier) type of authentication.

Possession Based (tokens, ID documents) type of authentication.

Inherent Factors (biometrics) type of authentication.

5. EIDAS Compliance

Fully compliant with Eidas draft regulation governing eIDAS 2.0 framework.

Following eIDAS standard to store and manage digital identity credentials from a government-regulated body.

Application to Use Service Made Digitally
Identify Verified by Selfie with Government- issued ID
Access to Servces Approved or Rejected Based on Validity of Documents
User Transacts